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BTU Measurement

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TMAG Energy Metering

In line Electromagnetic Energy Measurement

Combining the high accuracy and instantaneous response of MAG meter technology with paired 4 wire RTDs in a single transmitter, Spire’s TMAG provides climate control, energy production validation and revenue metering that you can rely on. Full bore sensors to 12”, and insertion sensors for larger size processes, Spire TMAG delivers real time measurement of BTU, kW, GJ and flow with electromagnetic metering precision.

No external energy calculator needed, Spire TMAG measures and displays the flow and energy values continuously, in the units you select. Click the “Your Application” tab to tell us where you need to measure today!

  • Energy Measurement per standard OIML R75/EN1434
  • 302 o F process temperature
  • Paired PT1000 temperature sensors
  • Display mounts remotely, temperature prewired
  • No moving parts
  • Highest accuracy
  • Flanged connection ¾” to 12”/DN20 to DN300

Spire TMAG Applications


  • Chilled water HVAC
  • Hot water HVAC
  • Condensate and heating water circuits
  • Boiler feed water
  • hermal storage, geothermal system, solar hot-water system


  • District energy management and billing
  • Commercial building tenant billing
  • LEED / Green building verification, green credit application
  • Energy consulting
  • Power plant efficiency monitoring
  • Facility management


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