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HVAC & Facility

Management Applications

Measurement of cold and hot water flows / BTU energy in residential buildings as well as large building complexes such as hospitals, schools, factories and offices to monitor and control usage.

Suitable products brought to you by Spire Metering Technology for heat /cooling energy metering and air conditioning applications:

  • RH20 Portable clamp-on flow meter. Ideal for flow balancing and general flow survey
  • RH40 Handheld BTU meter, the most compact BTU meter on the market. Ideal for flow and thermal energy survey as well as meter verification
  • EF10 Non-intrusive clamp-on flow meter for long-term flow monitoring
  • 280T BTU meter for residential and commercial building heat/cooling management. Inline type sensor
  • TP10 Non-intrusive clamp-on BTU meter (thermal energy meter)

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