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BTU Measurement

Complete Solutions for BTU Measurement – Only from Spire Metering

Spire Metering is the one-stop solution provider for your BTU measurement needs. We supply a wide range of BTU meters and data services to meet the challenging demands of the building resources/energy management industry. Primary applications include HVAC, office buildings, apartment complexes, condominiums, malls, commercial buildings, facilities, solar heating systems, geothermal systems and other green credit applications.


Inline BTU Meter for Utility BillingModel: 280T-S

  • Battery-powered ultrasonic BTU meter providing more than 6 years life
  • Economical
  • Meet EN1434 and OIML R75 heat meter standards
  • Maintenance-free design with no moving parts to wear out
  • Based on transit-time difference, thus, inherently robust
  • Meter accuracy does not change with temperature, pressure, or aging over years
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR) ready
  • Ideal for residential and commercial building sub-metering and billing


Portable BTU Meter – Model: RH40

  • Measure thermal energy of a heating/cooling system in 5 minutes
  • Portable, compact and light weight design (1.2lbs for the handset)
  • Unique clamp-on fixture for quick and easy installation
  • Wide pipe size range, from 1/2"-120" (DN15-DN3,000mm)
  • Rechargeable battery for 10 hours of operation
  • Large built-in data logger
  • User friendly interface with Quick Start step-by-step guidance


Clamp-on BTU Meter – Model: TP10, TP40

  • Non-intrusive BTU energy measurement
  • Easy clamp-on installation. No pipe work required
  • Proven robust and accurate
  • Maintenance-free design with no moving parts to wear out
  • Multi-path ultrasonic technology for increased accuracy and reduced straight pipe run requirement
  • Signal quality tracking technology for reliable performance
  • Surface-mount or insertion-type RTD sensors
  • Durable transducer and enclosure design
  • Easy BMS and PLC integration with 8 interface options, pulse, 4-20mA, Modbus, BACnet, LonWorks, wireless, etc.
  • Suitable for long-term facility & building BTU/flow management


High Accuracy Magnetic BTU Meter – Model: T-MAG-F

  • BTU measurement for liquid heating/cooling circuits
  • Billing grade accuracy - flow: ±0.5%, differential temperature: 0.15°F (0.08°C)
  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Built-in energy and flow totalizers
  • Robust design
  • Plug and play. Simply to use
  • Suitable for accurate energy billing


Insertion Magnetic BTU Meter – Model: T-MAG-I

  • Insertion flow sensor for easy installation
  • Hot-tapping toolkit for flow sensor installation without line depressurizing
  • Flow accuracy to 2%
  • Robust performance
  • Abundant input/ output options
  • Suitable for general purpose BTU measurement in facilities, hospitals, campus, commercial mall and various buildings


Wireless Telemetry System for Remote Data Collection & Sensor Management – Model: uGalaxy Telemetry System

  • Wireless remote monitoring for flow, temperature, energy and liquid level
  • Web-based data presentation. Web-based access anywhere, anytime
  • Leakage detection and alarm notification
  • Automated meter reading according to preset schedule
  • Real-time data monitoring and recording


AMR/AMI for Automatic Meter Reading and Data Management – Model: SpireCapture AMR/AMI system

  • Automated meter reading according to preset schedule
  • Automatic detection of utility meters in a M-Bus network
  • Utility meter management and client profile management
  • Leakage detection and alarm notification
  • User-friendly billing software
  • Crucial tool for utility revenue capture, from small apartment buildings to large-scale district utility management installations