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Electric Meter

E103E Series Electric Metrics Metres by Spire Metering Technology

103E - ideal solution for accurately monitoring electricity consumption

Coupled with AMR solution, offers a direct path to better energy management

The 103E is a DIN rail four wire three phase smart energy meter. It is a new addition to Spire Metering's ePrime Series smart meter product family. It utilizes state-of-the-art technology within the electronic kWh metering industry. 103E offers all the measurement capabilities required to accurately monitor electricity consumption. All three phases can be monitored at the same time.

The ePrime Series smart electricity meters offer a reliable energy measurement solution for both single phase and three phase circuits. These meters are designed for residential and commercial energy consumers tied to distribution networks. The 101E/103E meters have a variety of output options, such as M-Bus, MODBUS, Pulse, RF, GSM and PLC, thus making them ready for AMR/AMI system integration. Furthermore, the meters are manufactured in accordance with relevant DIN/IEC and MID standards, and are an ideal economic solution for your electricity consumption monitoring and billing purposes.

The 103E enables you to measure active and reactive energy with high accuracy for single phase and three phase applications. It also achieves excellent long-term stability, as the unit is designed for DIN, IEN, and EN standards. The device can communicate using a variety of output options, including M-Bus, MODBUS, Pulse, RF, etc. The clear, large LCD display is easy to read, and the device can measure usage starting at very low currents, making these meters well suited for photovoltaic energy systems in addition to general use.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart electricity meter for reliable energy measurement in single / three phase circuit
  • Designed for metering residential and commercial energy consumers in distribution networks
  • Class 1 accuracy
  • Very low starting current
  • Manufactured in accordance with the relevant DIN / IEC and MID standards
  • Ready for AMR with Pulse/M-Bus/MODBUS/BACnet/Wireless interface
  • SpireCaptureAMR/AMI and Billing solutions
  • Compatible with Spire Metering's split core current transformer
  • Ideal economic solution for electricity consumption monitoring and billing purpose


  • residential metering
  • commercial metering
  • AMR/Billing Solutions
  • electricity consumption monitoring
  • wide range of sizes to accomodate variety of installation locations