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Oil & Petrochemical


Diesel Flowmeters for Oil and Petrochemical Applications

Crude oil (after first stage separator), offloading of crude oil, water injection or refined petroleum

EF10-C clamp-on, non-intrusive ultrasonic flowmeter for easy installation. The enclosure is IP65 (NEMA 4X) wall-mount type. Class 1 Div 2 version can be offered upon request.

Fuel/diesel oil consumption measurement, oil/fuel transfer, furnace/engine efficiency monitoring

EF10-F and EF11-F. Flow-cell type flowmeters are highly accuracy. EF10-C clamp-on flowmeter is a good choice if non-intrusive is required.

Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil or other machine oil applications

EF10-F and EF11-F. Flow-cell type flowmeters for better accuracy. Consider EF10-C clamp-on flowmeter if installation convenience is the major concern.

Leakage detection

EF10. Built-in leakage detection capabilities. If pipe is in a remote location, consider EF10 with GSM/GPRS-enabled version as well as uGalaxy Telemetry System. Solar-powered flowmeter EF12 may also be a good fit.

For all applications, if pipe size is less than 1.5", we recommend flow-cell type flowmeter EF10-F or EF11-F for best accuracy.

Note: If there is vibration on the pipe, normally a flow-cell flowmeter offers better performance than a clamp-on flowmeter, simply because it is not easy to clamp the transducer on a vibrating pipe tightly if the vibration is strong.

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