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About our Products

Spire Metering offers one of the broadest, most affordable lines of ultrasonic and magnetic flow measurement and energy metering products in the industry today. No one builds a better, tougher meter than Spire Metering! What makes Spire Metering products so effective?

  • Ease-of-Use – Easy 4-step configuration
  • Increased Accuracy – Multi-path technology and Reynolds compensation
  • Advanced Technology – Transit-time ultrasonic technology combined with Spire Metering's patented signal processing technologies for accurate, non-intrusive, maintenance-free results!
  • Flexible Installation – All of our products from our popular RH20 handheld – to the high-performance MAG888 Magnetic Flow Meter – to our best-selling EF10 Wall-Mount Ultrasonic, provide the power & flexibility to install and measure anywhere – even under the most challenging conditions
  • Peak Performance – All Spire products and transducers are shipped to you NIST calibrated, factory-paired, and fully-tested for fast, trouble-free installation
  • 100% Satisfaction – All Spire products are backed by a comprehensive 2-year quality guarantee
  • 100% Customer Proven - Proven in the field by over 1000 customers in over 30 countries
  • 100% Availability - Purchase direct from Spire or from one of our dozens of certified domestic and international distributors