Data Reporting and

Management Products

This fixed network Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system utilizes a wireless concentrator to receive and transfer meter data from transmitters located at each utility meter on to the utility computer.

The SpireCaptureTM data management software suite allows easy access to system information and a variety of customer service tools. In addition to providing meter data to the utility's billing system in a flexible and compatible file format, the meter data management software also monitors and controls system performance, manages data, and remotely reconfigures the wireless concentrator as needed.


  • RF transceiver: Each utility meter has a built-in RF transceiver. The frequency of the transceiver is 433 MHz, a free frequency band. From a networking point of view, each RF transceiver is an endnote. The tranceive is able to be programmed to do two-way wireless communication using M-Bus protocol.
  • Repeater: The repeater is an intelligent transceiver that identifies signals from the endnote transceiver and rebroadcasts those signals. The repeater transmits at a higher power than the endnote, so the endnote radio transmissions need only reach the repeater, not the wireless concentrator. This extends the life of the battery in the endnote and creates an accurate, reliable, and cost-effective wireless system.
  • Wireless concentrator The wireless concentrator interfaces to the wireless network for collection of utility consumption data, stores the collected data into a built-in SD card, and transfers the data to a remote billing server for bill generation. A single PC running AMR software is used to access the concentrator. You may also remove the SD card and plug it into a computer to transfered the data.