SpireTap Series: Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter Review

The SpireTap Smart Ultrasonic Water Meter from Spire Metering Technology is designed to survive against harsh environments, solids present in the water, magnetic vandalization and other issues that a standard water meter cannot withstand.

This particular meter can be used primarily in a residential capacity, with its primary applications including revenue metering, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), ...

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A major pharmaceutical company with a large facility in the greater Philadelphia area consumes as much as 300 million BTU s of thermal energy per day to cool their labs, equipment, offices, and other facilities. The chiller distribution network runs across several buildings over long distance and throughout underground tunnels. The pipe sizes at this facility range from a few inches up to 24 inches. The chiller system is managed by a facility management ...

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Best Practies for EF 10 Product

A large property management company in Atlanta

Atlantic Station is located in the heart of midtown Atlanta, GA. It opened in 2005; the overall surface is about 138 acres (558,000 m²). It was constructed in the style of an outdoor mall, with choices of shopping, dining, and a 16-screen Regal Movie Theater. Above the retail levels are an additional two to three stories of condominiums. With the 7,200-space parking garage underneath, the shopping area is pedestria...

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The Must-Have Ultrasonic BTU Meter with Better Technology and the World's Most Compact Design on the Market!

Come to booth #200 at Globalcon 2017 in Philadelphia, PA to find out more about the RH40 Handheld Ultrasonic BTU Meter that Delivers Accuracy, Ease-of-Use and Ultra-Portability at a Great Price.

Spire Metering, a leader in flow and energy management solutions, shows off its next-generation technology, the Regal

  • Conduct accurate BTU measurement
  • Completely non-intrusive. Quick and easy installation
  • Ultra compact, just about 1 lb
  • Cover...

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