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New Water Meter from Spire Metering Technology Quenches Market Thirst for Greener Technology and High-Sensitivity Leak Detection

New Water Meter from Spire Metering Technology Quenches Market Thirst for Greener Technology and High-Sensitivity Leak Detection

NSF-Certified 280W-D Water Meter Combines Low-Lead Brass Construction with Spire’s Patented Ultrasonic Signal Processing for Highly Sensitive Measurement Even Under Extreme Conditions

ACTON, Mass. — June 15, 2013 — Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, a leader in flow and energy management solutions, announced the release of its NSF 61 Annex G-certified cold water meter, the Prime Series 280W-D Ultrasonic Water Meter. The 280W-D is guaranteed to deliver accurate, reliable and robust flow measurement of potable water consumption across a broad array of pipe sizes and environmental conditions — with the ability to detect minute water leaks as low as 2-3 drops per second.

Spire Metering’s recent certification for the 280W-D Water Meter can be found on the NSF website.

“When it comes to measuring the flow of clean drinking water, the ‘smarter,’ more efficient a meter is, the better its ability at minimizing wasted resources, revenue or both,” said Douglas Cheung, marketing director of Spire Metering Technology. “We took the best features and patented technology we use in our other metering products and combined them with a truly unique construction to provide years of accurate performance even in the most remote, extreme environments.”

The 280W-D includes features normally found in products made by larger brands with larger price tags. Tough yet sensitive, the 280W-D enables proactive monitoring of drinking water with the ability to detect leaks as low as a few drops per second. Its low-lead brass construction and vacuum-sealed design is completely submersible and impervious to sand, sediment and condensation. The new water meter has a 10-year battery life and includes a 6-year warranty, ensuring long-term stability and performance in harsh, dry or even wet climates. The 280W-D can also reliably integrate with AMR/AMI networking solutions using M-Bus, radio and pulse, with automated switchover to power when available to conserve battery life.

Like all of Spire Metering’s ultrasonic and magnetic measurement and metering products, the new Prime Series 280W-D Ultrasonic Water Meter delivers premium quality and results at a lower price than competing products.

About Spire Metering Technology

Spire Metering Technology offers one of the broadest, most affordable lines of flow measurement and energy metering products in the industry today. Through continuous innovation, Spire Metering transforms complex ultrasonic technology into affordable, reliable solutions for accurate flow and energy measurement. Available through a global network of specialty distributors in more than 30 countries, our products help a broad spectrum of customers and organizations measure water resources and energy consumption. Spire products have helped more than 1,000 customers worldwide, including leading organizations GE, Siemens, NASA, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Sony and Schneider Electric. For more information, visit www.SpireMT.com or call us at 1-888-738-0188 (toll-free).

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